Thrifty – Questions and Answers


Hey Thrifty … What’s the Deal With ???

Thrifty Outfitters is pretty cool, huh?  We have discounted outdoor gear, ranging from 35 – 60% off retail prices!!!  Everything is priced as marked, with either an ORANGE, or YELLOW tag.

Find a Thrifty Outfitters employee to help you find what are you looking for … we would LOVE to talk to you!

Your Questions Answered

What all do you have up in Thrifty?

We have usually have outdoor clothing for all seasons, sleeping bags, backpacks, tents, and socks.  Our inventory changes frequently, so stop by and see what we’ve got! We would love to have you. We typically do not carry shoes or used gear.

Why is there so much women’s SMALL and MEDIUM and men’s MEDIUM clothing?

Well, most of our clothing inventory comes from Salesman Sample Sets.  Those typically only come in one size per brand, that’s how we can discount it.  If you are looking for another size, don’t hesitate to ask a thrifty employee and we can help you out!

We also have an assortment of raw webbing, shock chord, clips, buckles, and glue to help you through a DIY project!

Do you buy or sell USED gear up in Thrifty?

Everything up in thrifty is NEW and FIRST QUALITY!  If you are looking to sell USED gear, feel free to make a flier and post it on our bulletin board by our stairs!

Ask us. We’ve been there.