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Here is a featured selection of what we carry but there’s much more at the store.  We don’t sell our products online, we want to offer you the best expert advice, service, and work with you in-person.

Come on in and say hello, give us a call at (612) 339-3433, or e-mail our Climbing department with your questions.  ”Ask us. We’ve been there.”

Featured Climbing Products

Climbing clinics take place on a regular basis in our bouldering cave!  See the Midwest Mountaineering Events Calendar for specific clinic information.  Feel free to fill out the liability waiver ahead of time.  Please note that the climbing cave is reserved for women only during Bouldering Divas clinics (the 2nd Thursday of every month).  That’s right, it’s ladies night.  No cavemen allowed!  “Bad Grog, stay out cave!”

Climb anytime in our fantastic and free bouldering cave!  It’s huge, contains lots of challenging bouldering problems, and is built over a padded floor.  Feel free to fill out the liability waiver ahead of time.  Need shoes?  We have climbing shoes available in unisex sizes 4 to 13 for a rental fee of $3.00.

Climbing Cave Rules:

  • • Each climber must sign a liability waiver each calendar year.  Under 18 requires parent’s signature on waiver.  Under 16 must have parent present in the cave.
  • • Jackets and packs must be left at the customer service counter.
  • No Chalk allowed.  Due to concerns about air quality both bulk chalk and eco balls are prohibited.  Liquid chalk is permitted and can be purchased in our climbing department.
  • • No climbing above 8 feet on the vertical wall without a Midwest Mountaineering staff belayer.

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