We love exploring – the selection of goods in our Camping Department reflects this passion.  We have the best selection of backpacks, sleeping bags & pads, stoves, tents, and ultralight gear and the know-how to back it up.  We carry more gear in those categories than anybody.  From the ultralight gear-focused thru-hiker to the comfort-minded car camper, we have gear to suit all kinds of adventurers.

Hungry?  We have delicious lightweight backpacking and camping food and fuel for your stove.  We carry dehydrated meals – they’re easy, just add water!  We also carry all the food storage and cooking accessories you will need on your next trip.

We also stock niche products such as bear barrels and food containers, bivy sacks, camp chairs, cooking equipment, courier bags, flashlights, hammocks, headlamps, hydration systems, knives, portage packs, hiking / trekking poles, water bottles, water filters, and water purifiers.  We also stock replacement tweezers, toothpicks, and other small parts for Swiss Army knives.  We even have packs and skijoring harnesses for your dog.

Looking for expert assistance? Come on in and say hello, give us a call at (612) 339-3433, or e-mail our Camping department with your questions.

”Ask us.  We’ve been there.”