Portage Packs

Midwest Mountaineering carries a great selection of portage packs.  We can help you select a portage pack that fits perfectly and gives you all day comfort.  We carry portaging equipment including:  canoe yokes (permanent and removable), food packs and barrels, kayak yokes, portage pads, etc. Looking for expert assistance?  Give us a call at  (612) … Continue reading Portage Packs

Tents & Shelters

Tents, Tarps, Bivies, and Hammocks (oh my!) Welcome to the camping shelters corner.  We at Midwest are camping enthusiasts like you!  Summer-time camping and yes, Winter-time camping, too!  Consider giving it a try!  We know you’ll like it, too! Camping shelters have come a long way recently with features such as durable light-weight fabrics, large … Continue reading Tents & Shelters